Синдарин и Врата Мории

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Порог миров

Знаменитая надпись над Вратами Мории, также известными как Врата Дурина или Эльфийские Врата, сделана на языке Синдарин. Этот же язык звучит в заклинании Гэндальфа, когда он пытается открыть магически запечатанные Врата. Но что это за язык и почему он красуется на вратах подземного королевства гномов?

the_door_to_moria_by_kimsol-d5r75j1.jpg Надпись сделана руническим алфавитом Тенгвар, используемым как для Квенья, так и для Синдарина. By kimsol

Синдарин — один из вымышленных языков, созданных Толкиным для мира Средиземья. Это наречие Синдар или Серых Эльфов Белерианда, одна из дальних ветвей протоэльфийского языка квендерина. На Синдарине говорили эльфы Третьего Клана Эльдар, которые не последовали за своими собратьями Тэлери в Валинор. По возвращении в Средиземье, Синдарин также переняли большинство эльфов клана Нолдор. На Синдарине свободно общались многие люди Нуменора и их потомки Дунаданы.  В Третью Эпоху (время событий «Властелина колец») Синдарин был самым распространенным языком эльфов в западной части Средиземья и именно его в книге называют «эльфийским».
У самого Синдарина…

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Black Sheep of the Flock Can Shine

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Changing the World!

Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude. Looking forward, I am filled with vision. Looking upwards, I am filled with strength. Looking within, I discover peace.

~ Native American Saying

Shaylin Shabi-Young, Navajo, the First Miss Native American USA. Most people call me “Shay.” I am born from the Bitter Water Clan and Water’s Edge Clan. I come from the Navajo Reservation in the small town of Kayenta, Arizona, 20 miles south of the Monument Valley, Utah border. At the tender age of 2-years-old, I began singing. Eventually, I learned Bible songs sung by my mother. She was always on a stage somewhere, with a microphone in hand, as she belted out my favorite hymns.

My early upbringing took place in the inner-city limits of Glendale, Arizona, where we lived in a nice middle-class home. I sprouted as the only child of a humble construction worker and a school…

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Все об Индонезии

А знаете ли вы, что на Бали живет отдельная и специальная богиня денег и богатства? Нет, не процветания или благополучия в более широких смыслах, не торговли (эти должности уже заняты другими богами – ИНДЕКС некоторых из них), а именно денег?

Ее так и зовут – Ida B(h)atara Rambut Sedana (=Sri Sedana) – “Богиня Денежных Волос” (при чем тут волосы, я пока не знаю, но узнать постараюсь). Именно она одаряет балийцев богатством в виде серебра и злата, драгоценных камней – ну и, конечно, просто денег.
"Кепенги"В БЕСАКИХе есть даже особое место для поклонения этой богине – один из жертвенников в Pura Goa Raja (“Храме Царской пещеры”), представляющий собой символическую “главу” множества жертвенников Rambut Sedana, стоящих в домашних храмах на всем Бали. Ну и, конечно, подношения этой богине ежедневно обновляются во всех местах, где хранятся деньги, а также на инструментах для их обретения:


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Goryo Shrine and Kamakura Gongoro Kagemasa

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Tokyobling's Blog

The wonderful tiny Goryo Shrine in the city of Kamakura to the southwest of Tokyo is dedicated to the 11th century warrior Kamakura Gongoro Kagemasa, born in 1069 A.D. He was a samurai of the might Taira clan, and his first claim to fame was in 1085 during the Gosannen War when he fought for the Minamoto clan. During the early part of the battle his eye was shot through by an enemy arrow, piercing his visor. From his point on the stockade he quickly pulled out his own bow and slew his attacker with a single arrow. Despite having the arrow lodged in his eye socket he continued fighting until his side finally won. Safely back in camp one of his friends volunteered to pull the arrow out by putting his foot Gongoro’s forehead, a huge insult to any self respecting samurai. After having berated the poor fellow for…

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How to wear a kimono or yukata?

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Tokiotours; your personal tour guide in Tokyo

When you are in Japan, you might consider buying a yukata (cotton summer kimono) or, if you have the money for it, an actual kimono. Mind you, real silk hand painted kimono’s are not exactly cheap so bring your creditcard if you are keen on getting one! Still it is one size fits all so compared to western style clothes it is a much better investment, although you might not have that many opportunities to wear them.

Once you have purchased your kimono or yukata (you can buy them year round at Daimaru department store at Tokyo station) now comes the question… how to wear this beautiful piece of garment?

How to wear a kimono, step by step

1. In addition to the kimono itself, you must have a juban, a koshi himo belt, a datejime, an obi makura belt, and white tabi socks

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Gleðileg jól

22 Гру



Behold my new apron dress!
It’s diamond twill wool fabric with wool thread.
(The white chemise is also hand stitched by me – of course.)

Gleðileg jól, dear readers! I hope you had a peaceful and magical celebration.

~ The Viking Queen

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Vǫluspá ~ Vǫluspá

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This is a song from the upcoming EP that will be available to listen to and purchase soon.
Melody and lyrics written by Sól Geirsdottir, music written by Vǫluspá
~ The Viking Queen

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The forest called to me, and I answered. December. Leaves, smoke, soil and candlelight. I felt grounded, I felt at one with the elements. And I took the time to breathe- Breathe with intention. 

Seiðr is ancient norse shamanism, connected to The Old Norse religion. Seiðr is a spiritual practice, a craft that involves ritualistic energy workings. True mastering of the craft is only acquired through experience and wisdom. Books can only take you so far. You have to get your hands dirty- and only you can do this; This kind of work comes from within.

Old Age, not New Age seidrseidr3seidr2seidr4seidr5img_0353Ritual makeup.
(I posted this on instagram in december and it became the most popular pic of “2016”.  I remember thinking that people would think I looked ugly when I posted it -but none of that matters to me anyways – so I thought why not. I have seen some recreations of…

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Viking/medieval Markets of Norway, 2017

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 Here is a list of all the viking and medieval markets that I (and google + facebook) know of in Norway, 2017. I doubt that I will be able to make it to markets in other countries than my own this year (due to a -for now- secret project that will require a lot of time and some traveling). If you know of more markets, please let me know in the comments below:)
*Oh – The Sól rune ( ᛋ )  means that I shall attend that market/festival *

19th-21st Vikingting at Tingvatn  (Tingvatn fornminnepark og besøkssenter, Vest-Agder)
26th-28th Oslo Medieval Festival(Akershus Festning, Oslo) ᛋ

2nd-4th Tønsberg Medieval Festival(Tønsberg, Vestfold) ᛋ
2nd-4th Bjørgvin Marknad(Hordnesvegen 24, Bergen, Hordaland)
3rd-4th Viking Market at Leikvin(Sunndal Bygdemuseum, Sunndal, Møre og Romsdal)
8th-11thVikingfestivalen Avdalsnes (Avdalsnes, Rogaland)
9th-11th Hamar Medieval Festival (Strandvegen 100, Hamar, Hedmark)

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The Fairy Ring

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The Guernsey Maple


Ah, la Table des Pions; a Guernsey staple of history and folklore. From the VisitGuernsey site;

In local folklore the site is linked with Fairies, witches and elves and the locals call it the Fairy Ring. However, in reality it was used by Island officials when inspecting roads and coastal defences up until 1837. Perry’s guide reference: Page 32, 2

Maybe not as intriguing in real life, but a mystical place nonetheless. With views out over the coast it’s a perfect spot to watch the sun set.

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