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Charlize Theron at the world premiere of Prometheus in London

27 Тра

Of monsters and little princesses

Charlize Theron at the world premiere of Prometheus in London

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Winter Awen Belt Buckle

18 Тра

Amulets by Merlin's Blog

The Awen is an ancient design used by the Druids of Olde.
This symbol has been recognized and harnessed by the Neo-Pagan movement
to symbolize the emanation of the Light,
brought into manifestation in the material world.
In his research Isaac Bonewits wrote about it’s use and lore:

In his words:

    “The sign of “the Three Rays” is used by members of the United Ancient Order of Druids, the Ancient Order of Druids, the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids, and many other followers of Druidry. It can be seen as symbolizing Sky Father Energy in balance with the Earth Mother energy of the Druid Sigil, as well as any of a thousand other sets of three ideas.”

Winter Awen Belt Buckle Winter Awen Belt Buckle

Over the Summer,
I developed and created a new version of the Awen,
both an Amulet and this Belt Buckle.
A Druid from the East Coast who…

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