Arunachala Shiva Thiruvannamalai Three Billion Years Old, GSI

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Arunachala Shiva.jpg Shiva In Thiruvannamalai.

Shiva In Thiruvannamalai , An artist’s conception. Image credit,

People go over their heads on some archeological sites over a few thousands year old.

But in India, there are sites which are over A Million year old in India, like the one in Pallavaram Chennai.

Arunachal Mountain, Pre Historic Conception.jpg Arunachal Mountain, Pre Historic Conception.

Arunachala, Google Earth.jpg Arunachala, Google Earth.’

‘Archaeologists have discovered India’s oldest stone-age tools, up to 1.5 million years old, at a prehistoric site near Chennai. The discovery may change existing ideas about the earliest arrival of human ancestors from Africa into India…

The Story of Attirampakkam.’

Million year old Tamil Site

The Tamil Literature is over a Million year old.

‘Archaeological research has uncovered evidence of fossil remains of animals and primitive stone implements around the northern Tamil Nadu that could be dated to belong to around 3000,000 BCE.[citation needed]Humans in South India,


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