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The cleavage-gate that is The Empress of China

28 Бер

Under The Dark Cloudy Blue Sky

This is going to be my first post for this year. And what a first post it’s going to be.

Last December 21, 2014, Fan Bingbing’s latest television drama The Empress of China premiered on Hunan TV to high ratings, breaking all records in Mainland China television history. So it was a surprise when it was suddenly taken off the air on December 29, 2014 due to technical difficulties. According to reports, Hunan TV had exceeded the allowed quota for period dramas for that year and therefore it would just resume its showing on January 2015. However, there was speculation going around that the real reason why it was taken off the air was because SARFT (State Administration of Radio, Film and Television) had frowned down upon the excessive cleavage exposure of the female casts.

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That speculation was finally confirmed when it resumed its airing last Thursday (January…

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Slavic loanwords in Albanian language

12 Бер


Before you start reading:

My only merit here was to copy the text from Wiktionary (first list) and leave the link for each word in the end, as a reference. Second list is derived directly from “Albanian etymological dictionary”.

Therefore, all of the etymologies presented here are officially accepted by linguists – they are not a result of my own interpretation.


Albanian: brazdë – English: furrow (a line cut in the soil)
Etymology: From a Slavic language; compare Common Slavic *borzda.
Wiktionary link

Albanian: plug – English: plough
Etymology: From a Slavic language, compare Proto-Slavic *plugъ.
Wiktionary link

Albanian: lopatë – English: spade
Etymology: From a Slavic language. Compare Common Slavic *lopata ‎(shovel, spade). Wiktionary link

Albanian: kopaç – English: trunk (of a tree)
Etymology: From South Slavic (compare Bulgarian копач ‎(kopač, sapper))…

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