I’m trying to make that banner in Arwen’s bedroom

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http://www.angelfire.com/wizard/travelgnome/images/aragarwen/arwen7.jpgArwen: Daddy, I love him!
Elrond: No! Have you lost your senses completely? He’s a human, you’re a mermaid!


That banner thing. You’ve all seen it! And some super commendable people have made it. I’ve found a whole slew of them on a website called Alley Cat Scratch, they make all sorts of great stuff.

Classy Interiors Deco on Etsy made an amazing one and was selling it for…uh…a shit ton of money (over $1500) and I was like woah there, but in all seriousness, it really is amazing and you know a ton of work went into it. SOMEONE BOUGHT IT. That lucky rich (not anymore though, and I right?) bastard. I bet their wedding or home is amazing! Dammit.


The Etsy store also has a ton of other cool and cozy LOTR pillows and homey things too, so don’t feel bad that…

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