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Altar Kit in a Tin (A Mini Travel Altar or Prayer Box)

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benebell wen

Travel Altar Kit in an Altoids Tin 01

I’m new to the craft idea of an altar-in-a-tin. The other day while surfing Pinterest (that never ends well for me), I came across photos of people who DIY-ed their own miniature altar kits or prayer boxes using a candy tin. These photos were incredible. The Pinterest excursion led to Etsy and three and a half hours later that lazy Sunday, I get the brilliant idea that I can DIY my own altar kit (or prayer box).

Travel Altar Kit in an Altoids Tin 02

Above you see my initial proposition of contents. Given limited parameters (e.g., don’t want to leave the house to buy anything; must finish this crafty project today so must utilize what I have in my house right now; must be itty bitty tiny because this f****** tin of mints is itty bitty tiny; etc.), this project turned out to be harder than I expected.

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I Ching and the Practitioner: A Course on the Book of Changes

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$45 USD


Considered one of the oldest divination systems in world history, the I Ching is, at its core, a sacred text that empowers a practitioner. When you understand the I Ching as philosophy, you attain wisdom both of your inner self and of the cosmos. When you understand the I Ching as an expression of the Divine, you attain access to an incredible tool for communing with that Divinity.

The objective of this course is to impart a heightened level of proficiency with I Ching both as a divinatory system and as a magical system, so that a practitioner will be able to use the I Ching to divine for the self, for others, and integrate components of the I Ching into spell-crafting.

For the course and its enrollees, the Lady of the Ninth Heaven (Jiu Tian Xuan Nu) has been evoked for guidance and support. The…

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An I Ching and Tarot Divination How-To– Give This a Try

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I’m going to walk you through an easy beginner’s methodology for I Ching and tarot divination. We’ll be doing a simple one card tarot draw plus casting I Ching hexagrams by the coin toss method. So in addition to the instructions here for the I Ching divination, I’m presuming you have a tarot deck and know how to operate one. If not, no worries. This doesn’t need to be I Ching and tarot. It can just be I Ching! 🙂

I use traditional coins for my personal practice, but we won’t be needing those today. Any three coins of the same value in your change purse will do. Go find three pennies, or three nickels, or three quarters–whatever pleases you. And give them a good wash.

Here I’m using disinfectant soap and water. Dry them thoroughly. You can use a towel. Anything. Just be practical.

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Gracie Glam – In the Crack

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Нэцкэ: формы и основные сюжеты

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Джерело: Нэцкэ: формы и основные сюжеты

Countries of the World in Chibi Anime

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Волшебный миг

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Око Ра

Каждый день Бог посылает нам – вместе с солнцем – возможность изменить всё то, что делает нас несчастными. И каждый день мы пытаемся притвориться, будто не замечаем этой возможности, будто её не существует вовсе, будто сегодня – во всём подобно вчера и неотличимо от завтра. Но тот, кто всмотрится в свой день внимательно, найдёт этот волшебный миг.

(c) Пауло Коэльо

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