How to Create Your Grimoire: Inspiration from One Approach

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When you’ve dedicated yourself to the study of craft, you’re going to want to start your own written record of the path. It is the most natural thing and the concept of keeping a grimoire, book of shadows, or book of methods is found across all of the cultures of magical traditions, East to West. Now it’s your turn to feel that pull. You’ve got your big, beautiful blank book ready to go. Where do you start? How do you start?

By its nature, a private journal means no one can tell you what to do. Yet some of us just want tangible insights for inspiration, so that’s what this is. I’m most certainly not trying to tell you how to keep your own private journal. My own grimoire does not come close to following the instructions I am about to give.

Yet the other day, I was thumbing through a…

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Goddess Asherah

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Mỹ Nữ 11

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Hardware/Machinery Sketches, Script Status

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Azure - Digital Comic Production Blog

It’s not a big secret that there will be a fair ammount of machinery/tech in the comic and a little later today I will update this post with a few more sketches that aren’t too revealing. Let me know what you think and bear in mind a lot of this concept stuff has been scraped or revised at this point.

Another quick note concerning script status: The script has been done for some time and I have been tweaking it and showing it to a few writer friends to get their comments and crits on good points and bad points – things I could possibly improve on. I have gotten some great feedback so far, and once the last couple of people give me their notes I plan to make a few revisions. I have also begun putting it all into a viewer I made that enables one to go from page to…

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Король Таиланда

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Terra Cognita


Королевством Таиланд управляет его великий король Рама IX Пумипон Адульядет.

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Pod Duang with Unalom symbol

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thai pod duang (พดด้วง)

Pod Duang with Unalom

pod duang unalom 2

This pod duang (or bullet coin) features a chakra and an unalom symbol. The chakra has 8 blades and looks like a small sun. Representing the Chakri dynasty (the current line of Thai kings), the symbol is of Indian origin and features in both Hindu and Buddhist lore. The unalom symbol may represent either the tuft of hair between the Buddha’s eyebrows or a conch shell containing the ashes of the king’s father (source: Siamese Coins: From Funan to the Fifth Reign). The unalom is the royal emblem of King Rama I and can be found on pod duang from the king’s coronation in 1785 until his passing in 1809. I am unsure whether the symbol was also used in other time periods. One indication of a coin’s quality and origin may be from the quality of the metal. There looks to be some slight discoloration between the folds of…

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Chinese Oracle Script Divination Cards

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Instagram Pic Cards Snapshot

While writing my forthcoming second book, tentatively titled The Tao of Craft, I had to do some intense study of oracle bone script. That’s where the knowledge for the card content comes from. All citations to the amazing references I used are in the book, but one person I want to thank right away is Richard Sears, who runs Now, as for the inspiration, that’s a little harder for me to convey.

On a morning I was to drive my parents to the airport, I thought I heard a voice speaking to me in my room, while I was sleeping in bed, and that woke me up. Then after that, no matter how hard I tried to go back to sleep, I couldn’t, so I relented, booted up my computer, and in that same sitting, a complete first draft of this deck was done. I talk more about the…

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